Stella was my dyslexia tutor during my MMus at Goldsmiths College and supported me for two years in my written assignments and final dissertation. Growing up with dyslexia I have always had a complex relationship to writing. I can safely say that Stella’s support played a major part in realising my enjoyment and confidence in writing. Her enthusiasm and understanding of language, together with her amazing positivity towards my own abilities swept away my inhibitions. Ever since, when I write, I think back to her comments, thoughts, and suggestions, the tips and traps she taught me to look out for, and I am forever grateful.      Jockel Liess, Sound Artist

Stella is able to listen to ideas with curiosity, professionalism, sensitivity and respect – all so important in helping others to express themselves in writing.                                                Alexandra Antonopoulou, Designer, Design Educator

Stella coached me in report writing skills. We focused especially on paragraph structuring and on improving my grammar. Improvements in these areas have been noted by my managers. Stella’s approach is entirely person-centred and she showed genuine commitment to helping me develop as a writer.                                                                                                                              Michael Hughes, Social Worker

I can’t believe how much my writing progressed over the period I received one-to-one support from Stella. Her structuring ability and conciseness with words helped me to grow in confidence and understanding of the writing process and I can honestly say I would not have excelled in my field without her support. Aside from her professionalism, Stella is enthusiastic and compassionate. She naturally related to my creative side and was extremely supportive in helping me express myself as an individual. I cannot recommend Stella enough for anyone needing help in explaining or promoting their work.                                                      Sarah Townsend, Fashion Designer