One-to-one support is tailored to the needs of the client and the purpose of the task, be it  the creation of a  proposal, personal statement, reflective journal, academic essay or research paper.  Together, we can focus on any aspect of the writing process, from the gathering of content and the structuring of the whole text through to the finer details of grammar and punctuation.

Sessions can include direct instruction with hand-outs and exercises in how to plan, compose, edit and polish your text. Alternatively, we can collaborate throughout the writing process to help you achieve maximum clarity and a tone and style best suited to your target reader. For professional (rather than study) purposes, Stella is also happy to produce the final polished draft for you. 

Initial Consultation

In an initial one-hour session Stella can:

  • Provide a space to discuss and clarify your ideas and help you structure your piece.
  • Provide feedback on a sample of your writing and identify areas to improve on for greater style and accuracy.
  • Equip you with the essentials of good grammar and composition to write independently with greater confidence and clarity.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions can:

  • Provide further tuition in the nuts and bolts of clear, concise writing.
  • Provide time to draft, edit and polish your final piece together.

Group Work

Stella runs whole and half-day group coaching sessions in Central London on various aspects of writing. Workshop content can be tailored to the group’s specifications. 

Stella also collaborates with Ayisha de Lanerolle, Director of The Conversation Agency*, running creative thinking-and-writing workshops that combine the jargon-free practical techniques of Philosophical Inquiry with strategies for producing clear and captivating text.


Individual and group sessions bookable Monday to Friday from 10-6pm
Weekend and evening appointments can also be arranged.